Blockchain Technology

Sustainable, independent, compliant blockchains.

What is a Digital Identity?

A Digital Identity is a digital representation of a real entity such as a person, an organization or a product. The entity can be identified uniquely via the digital identity and integrated into business processes. In European Public Network (EPN) digital identities are created and securely managed. Verification services make trustworthy digital business relations easily possible.

Digital Identity 

In the EPN, you can create verified Digital Identities quickly and easily for each product.

Reliable transactions

Digital Identities enable secure and trustworthy digital transactions between products, people and organizations.

Reliable documentation

The Digital Identity stores important transaction information as well as the transaction history encrypted and tamper-proof.

Various application scenarios

Maintenance, leasing, financing, insurances: Digital Identities make many applications faster, more reliable and more intelligent.

Digital Identities

Digital Identities on there own do not create added value. They need a neutral business blockchain on which digital transactions can be processed securely and reliably. And that is EPN.

Neutral Business Blockchain

EPN is a neutral business blockchain for every transaction between Digital Identities and affiliated companies or individuals. The approach of EPN combines the advantages of public and private blockchains.

Digital Identities

The Digital Identities are stored decentrally in the business blockchain and are the basis for a large number of use cases. The Digital Identities always belong to the product owner and thus guarantee him the data sovereignty, which he hands over to central platforms today.


In combination with Digital Identities, exciting application possibilities arise in almost all industries. On EPN you can create decentralized applications quickly and easily.

Cross-company platforms

Cross-company, but still 100% reliable and without loss of data sovereignty: EPN is the solution for your vision of a business platform that offers your customers all services from a single source.

For which industries and applications 
is the European Public Network suitable?

EPN is a neutral, blockchain-based infrastructure for the Economy of Things. It provides an independent basis for exchanging information between business partners in a trustworthy manner and for enabling assets to participate in autonomous processes. Developed to create added value for all network members through digital coordination and collaboration, and at the same time ensuring maximum independence for each company.

Instead of a platform operator, it is the blockchain technology that secures trust in the EPN. Due to the integration of machines into digital business processes, the EPN is particularly suitable for applications such as asset tracking, resource sharing and the decentralized Management of cooperative relationships.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology makes it technologically possible for the first time to make data digitally available to share it with business partners and at the same time guarantee the authenticity and immutability of this data. In decentralized infrastructures based on blockchains, many partners secure the operation and thus create trust.

With the EPN, an industry platform based on the established Ethereum technology was created. It particularly addresses the issues of data security, performance and cost stability and redefines existing business models by end-to-end digitalization of cross-company processes. Various network operators ensure the reliability of the infrastructure, while the open-source strategy creates trust and security. Through comprehensive services, user-friendly operationality that does not require any blockchain knowledge, and open interfaces, simple applicability and integration into existing IT infrastructures are achieved.

The European Public Network at a glance

Full neutrality

Several companies jointly operate and control the EPN. The decentralized governance organization ensures the permanent operations and independence of the infrastructure from individual companies.

High Performance

Due to the selected blockchain algorithm and the underlying architecture, the EPN ensures a high transaction rate that meets the requirements of the companies using it.

Calculable costs

The costs of the network depend on the technical complexity of the transactions, regardless of their business value. Technical and regulatory mechanisms ensure long-term stable and calculable transaction costs.

Easy applicability

Immediately usable services, interfaces, and libraries enable simple and fast implementation of business applications and integration into the existing IT and process landscape.

Services in the European Public Network

Using blockchain technology, the EPN creates a neutral infrastructure that is operated and controlled by several independent companies. Thus, business relationships can be mapped digitally without the need for a central trust-building intermediary.

Verification Services create the basis for decentralized, trusting business relationships by transferring trust from the real to the digital world and thus confirming the authenticity of the interaction partners.

Companies and products are equipped with Digital Identities and thus become autonomous interaction partners themselves. With Discovery Services, available resources can be securely shared and located.

With the help of Smart Contracts, business relationships such as rental contracts can be concluded completely digitally. Only the interaction partners involved gain insight into the data relevant to them.

The business relationships agreed via Smart Contracts can be automated across companies by the Settlement components. Companies thus establish a digital ecosystem to create benefits for all shareholders through cooperation and at the same time maintain the maximum autonomy of each individual.