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    Membership fees of ordinary members

    The European Public Network levies a membership fee in accordance with its own membership fee regulations. The amount of the membership fee for ordinary members is calculated according to § 2 as follows:

    • 250 EUR for start-ups, small businesses and CdEs (less than 100 employees and less than EUR 10 million in annual sales)

    • 250 EUR for universities, technical colleges and non-profit organizations

    • 2.500 EUR for medium-sized companies and CdEs (100 to 499 employees or annual sales between EUR 10 and 100 million)

    • 4,900 EUR for large companies or CdEs (more than 499 employees or annual sales of more than EUR 100 million.

    Link to the statutes
    Link to the contribution rules

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    Notes on data protection:

    To apply for membership, the data provided here will be collected and processed. The collection takes place

    • To decide on membership as a board of directors

    • In order to ensure the exercise of membership rights as well as appropriate membership administration

    • For the determination of the contribution as well as the collection of contributions

    • For written and e-mail correspondence

    The data processing is carried out with this application at the request of the member and is necessary according to Art. 6 I 1 lit. b DSGVO for the aforementioned purposes for the appropriate membership administration as well as collection of contributions.

    The data collected for the application will be stored for the duration of the membership and deleted thereafter, unless the European Public Network is obliged to store the data for a longer period of time according to Art. 6 I 1 lit. c DSGVO due to legal regulations or you as a member have consented to a storage beyond that according to Art. 6 I 1 lit. a DSGVO. The data may also be processed in countries outside the European Economic Area.
    Data collection and data processing for purposes other than those listed will not take place.