evan.network – the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

Sustainable, independent, compliant blockchains.

End-to-end digitization for 
cross-company business models

Companies use the blockchain-based evan.network to build cooperative, service-based business models by enabling goods to interact in cross-company processes autonomously. In contrast to centrally operated digital platforms, the evan.network creates industry-specific decentralized ecosystems in which cooperation partners interact with each other in a trusting manner.

Through digital cross-company processes, participating companies are in a position to provide existing services more efficiently and to offer new market-attractive offers by combining their products with services from partners. Learn more in our Case Studies.

Trusted Supply Chain

tamper-proof information in real time

On the base of Digital Identities, delivery data, product information and certificates can be exchanged digitally and tamper-proof in complex supply chains – even if the parties involved do not know each other. Through the continuous, tamper-proof exchange of process steps, supply chains are optimized across companies and all process participants retain control over their data.


  • CSR certificates
  • proof of original parts
  • capacity management

Sharing Economy

Digital Identities as the base for new mobility concepts

Whether car, e-scooter, van or sailing yacht: evan.network allows the creation of standardized Digital Identities for every vehicle. They are the base for decentralized mobility concepts, in which vehicle owners retain full data sovereignty and vehicle users benefit from 100% reliable information and transactions in real time. The open architecture of evan.network allows the integration of Digital Identities and stored transaction agreements into existing services. With these cross-provider mobility solutions, innovative mobility concepts become reality, in which the focus is on the journey itself rather than on the means of transport.

Future of Mobility

The demands placed on construction machinery rental companies increase constantly. Construction companies want the most suitable and fully functional machine in the right place at the right time. This is only possible with cross-company cooperation and the digitization of all transactions. With evan.network, the machines are made available digitally by use of Digital Identities and are therefore part of digitized processes. The blockchain technology guarantees 100% reliable information and self-determined use of digital cooperation services.


  • Renting and leasing of construction machinery
  • Tamper-proof machine history